Rider - Red-Shirt Cowboy (Hartland 1950s)

Rider - Red-Shirt Cowboy (Hartland 1950s)


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This is the hands-together 9" model from the 1950s. He originally came with the Small Champ model in each of its colors.  He wears a red shirt with a white bandana, white chaps, black boots and holsters with silver trim.

This cowboy is in Excellent condition in need of a bath.  He has tiny rubs here and there but nothing serious.  Some of the color is rubbed off the top of his hair, presumably from a kid in the '50s putting his hat on and off. (Hat is no longer with him.)  He has some bits of blue around his ears... I believe it is dried Dawn dish detergent from a 20-year-old bath.  Much of it came off with some gentle rubbing, so if you soak him a few minutes, I think it will come off completely.


Size:  9" Series (Hartland designation; not actual height)

Hartland Model #unknown

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