Roemer ~ Sandstone


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Sandstone is the perfect name for this guy, whose color is reminiscent of the pale golden stone used in the Egyptian pyramids.  He is described on IDYB as light bay, mainly because of his dark lower legs, but his mane and tail are more of a dark sorrel, giving him a lot of depth to his coloration.  He wears the original diamond brand on his left hip that was sculpted into the initial release.  He was a Special Run for Toys R Us's Medallion Series, and came with a brass-colored medallion on a blue ribbon.  Most of the medallions have been lost over time, so finding one complete with his medallion is a great find!

This fellow is Near Mint with only one pinpoint rub behind his right shoulder marking him down.  He features subtle shading and a lighter muzzle with grey muzzle shading.  He comes with his original brass-colored medallion on its blue ribbon (a bit dusty). 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #