Roy and Clydesdale Foal Grey ~ Legacy Gift Set II - Sears SR

Roy and Clydesdale Foal Grey ~ Legacy Gift Set II - Sears SR


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The Roy drafter was great as a classic-style Percheron in this release, wearing a shaded grey coat with darker knees, hocks, and muzzle.  He is one of the hardest Roy releases to find these days.  His foal is similarly sought-after, with a dark grey coat, hind sock and blaze.

Roy is Factory Mint with a very softly grey coat and white mane and tail.  He features soft leg joint shading, shaded ears, and darker muzzle.  His left hind foot is slightly bent outward, making him very tippy, so we added a clear rubber foot prop onto the bottom to give him stability.  It's invisible while on display and he could even be shown with it attached, but it can be unstuck easily if you decide to remove it.  Without it, though, he tips onto his upraised front hoof, so we recommend keeping it on for his safety.

His foal is also Factory Mint with a beautiful paint job that brings out all of the rich texture in this mold.  She features bright whites, muzzle pinking, and a satin finish. 

This set even comes with their original 1999 box brochure, JAH ad and their original white cardboard shipping box!  This is the first time we've been able to offer this set complete, and I don't expect we'll see another, so don't hesitate or you'll miss them!



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