Roy the Belgian ~ Priefert's Radar


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Roy was chosen as the portrait model for Priefert's Radar, the giant Belgian stallion who held the record of World's Tallest Living Horse from 2006 - 2009.  This handsome behemoth has an appetite to match:  He consumes 18 pounds of grain, 40 pounds of hay, and 20 gallons of water a day!  Breyer's tribute to the big guy was released as a Breyerfest Special Run in 2010, and production was limited to 750.  He features subtle dapples and beautifully masked face markings.

This fellow is in Near Mint condition with one pinpoint rub on his right shoulder (not the large white spot you see near his withers - That's one of the two saddle marks the real Radar possesses) and a tiny spot of silver paint on his left stifle from the pen used to sign him. He was signed on his belly by his trainer at Breyerfest, and comes with both his collectors' card (also signed) and his box card containing his bio.  


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711081