Ruffian ~ Union Jack - Breyerfest SR


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Breyer created this neat decorator for Breyerfest's British Invasion in 2012.  She is translucent, like stained glass, and wears both the colors and the image of Great Britain's flag, the Union Jack.  Breyer would revisit this color scheme for 2016's Patriot model, but Union Jack was made in a very small run of 350.  She came with a special hang tag as well.  With so few made, she has become a truly hard-to-find decorator, rarely coming up for sale and commanding high prices.

She is in Factory Mint with her original hang tag.  She features a well-applied Union Jack emblem on both sides and a glossy finish.  She wears "Breyerfest 2012" under her belly, and comes complete with her original hang tag.  Her photos have been sent to IDYB, so she may become sort-of famous as well, being the one model from the run chosen to represent her release!


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #711153