Ruffian ~ Whispers Bi-Eyed version


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Whispers is an adorable black Appaloosa on the Ruffian mold, produced only for the B-Ranch series in 1997.  She is painted "softly," with an airbrushed blanket, and bald face.  For just the first three months of production, she was given bi-colored eyes, making this version more sought-after.

She is still attached in her original box.  We slid the outer cover off to take photos without glare, then closed her back up again.  She has a neat Appy pattern with tiny spots around her Appy spots, and features grey hooves on the right and buff ones on the left.  She comes with her original neck ribbon and is the bi-eyes version. The box front has separated from the back due to the glue drying.  Apparently we didn't take a photo with the box closed.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #292