Running Foal, Bay

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This Running Foal was discontinued in bay in 1987.  She wears four socks over black feet and an airbrushed bald face.

This little lady is in Near Mint condition with just a pinpoint rub on her left hindquarter, one on her right knee, a small area under her tail that got missed with paint, and a few black specks of mane paint on her body.  She has an uneven face seam, but that's camouflaged by her neat paint job.  She's one of the prettiest I've seen on this release:  She features gorgeous highlights and a really neat face marking that is above her right eye but goes below her left one, more like a Paint, and she has muzzle pinking only on the side with more white.  She wears the USA mold mark.  She has inventory marks on the bottom of her feet from her original collector that are invisible while on display.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #134