Running Foal, Bay w/ Semi-Gloss (aftermarket) Finish


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This Running Foal was discontinued in bay in 1987.  He is a rich bay with four socks over black feet and an airbrushed bald face.

This little guy is in Excellent condition with a couple of tiny rubs on his left hindquarter and a few pinpoint ones on his body.  He has a dark brown mark on his nose (probably body paint) along a tiny, factory bump.  He wears a semi-gloss finish, which is beautiful, but we believe it was added after he left Breyer.  There are some areas under his belly that are matte, and you can see edges along them.  He wears a USA mold mark, inner ear and muzzle pinking.

His mom, if still available, is for sale separately here.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #134