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Running Foal ~ Spice, Glossy Dapple Grey


  • $1795

The Running Mare and Foal were first issued between 1961 and 1963 (exact date is unrecorded)  in four colors, all called Sugar and Spice.  One of the original colors is this lovely glossy dapple grey done in a snowflake Appaloosa pattern. Spice's body is done in soft grey with resist dapples over her hindquarters, four socks over grey feet, and an airbrushed bald face.  She was discontinued in 1973.

This little lady is in Very Good to Excellent condition.  She has yellowed with age, but that can be corrected with some time in a sunny window.  I’ll get her started on lightening if I have time.  She has no rubs, chips or cracks.  The only condition issue other than her yellowing is that she has two brown spots at the base of her tail.  The seams on her left legs are unsanded, typical of the era.  The dappler at the factory was in a generous mood the day she was born:  She has large, conjoined dapples, plus rogue dapples on her right front hoof!  I was concerned at first that she had a hoof rub, but it’s definitely a dapple – it’s round and her glossy finish is over it.  With some time to become white again, she’ll be a fabulous find for any collector!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #133