Running Foal ~ Spice, Alabaster

Running Foal ~ Spice, Alabaster


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One of the first releases on this mold, Spice as he was called is an alabaster foal made to match his dam, named Sugar.  They were only made until 1971, so none ever received the USA mold mark, which was added to the Running Foal mold in 1973.

His colt is in Excellent condition and a great restoration candidate.  He has only tiny hoof edge rubs, nearly invisible on display, and a tiny tail tip rub. He has some pinpoint specks that will come off with a good bath, and is mainly marked down for moderate yellowing, which you can correct by sunbathing him for a couple weeks.   He still wears inner ear and muzzle pinking.  (Cover them when you sunbathe him to protect the pink.)

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #130

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