Running Mare, Alabaster (body)

Running Mare, Alabaster (body)


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Breyer's iconic Running Mare was one of their earliest models, produced starting somewhere between 1961 and 1963 and retired in 1971.  She wears a white coat, grey mane and tail, and usually muzzle pinking.

This girl is Body condition with no breaks, chips or splits, but lots of rubs in her grey areas and strong yellowing.  If you've been wanting to try restoring a pretty model with sunbathing, she'd be a great practice model.  She'll reward you with her beautiful, bold muzzle and inner ear pinking once she's brightened back up (cover the pink areas while sunbathing).  They're the pinkest I've seen.  She also is just generally dirty so a bath would do her a lot of good.  Or, she'd love to join a kid's herd or be customized!  No USA mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #120

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