Running Mare, Bay w/ Eye Whites

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Chris Hess's iconic Running Mare has enjoyed a long, storied run in the Breyer stable.  The bay was discontinued in 1987.

This lady is in Excellent condition with a scattering of pinpoint rubs and some tiny dark marks in her white areas.  Her let front foot has a small area on one side that looks like it got melted, and it appears to have been touched up so it won't show.  Her right front leg may have had Pledge sprayed on it, as the finish has a slightly hazy appearance (noticeable only on close inspection) that her other legs do not have.  That haziness extends from her hoof up to her knee on that leg.  This sounds like a laundry list, but she displays beautifully, and some of the marks may come off with a bath, making her even prettier.  She is an early model, featuring eye whites and carrying some of the Breyer drying rack's wood under one hoof.  No USA mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #124