Running Mare, Smoke (body)

Running Mare, Smoke (body)


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Eleda's personal favorite release on the Running Mare is this Smoke color, made beginning sometime between 1961-1963 until 1971.  (Records are sketchy in those early years.)  Considered a decorator color, they wear soft grey coats with white manes and tails, airbrushed socks and bald faces.

This pretty mare is in Body condition and a great restoration candidate, as e didn't see any rubs (although, disclaimer, it can be hard to see some rubs when yellowing is this strong).  She has some faint dark marks on her back, a hairline mark on her left flank, and a price written under her belly, which won't show while on normal display.  Obviously, she has strong yellowing, so she needs to sunbathe for quite a while, possibly a month or longer, but she'll bright up and be really pretty.  Or she could become your next lovely custom.

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #121

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