Running Stallion, Unicorn - Original Release

Running Stallion, Unicorn - Original Release


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Chris Hess's Running Stallion became one of Breyer's earliest unicorns when they gave him a horn and added a goatee to the mold.  This was his original release, with a gold spiralled horn, grey mane, tail, and goatee.  He was only available from 1982-1988.

This fellow is in Excellent condition and with a little bit of effort, he should become Near Mint.  He has a tiny tail tip and a couple of tiny hoof edge rubs, a scattering of pinpoint specks in his coat that should come off with a good bath, and slight-to-mild yellowing that will brighten back up with a few days of sunbathing. He's got a brighter white stripe of plastic along his back seam. His horn and goatee are intact, and he features soft muzzle pinking.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #210

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