Saddlebred, Palomino - 70th Anniversary Model - Limit one per address

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 Breyer's 70th Anniversary collection is themed as Breyer Through the Decades.  There are five models in the 70th Anniversary Assortment, sent to dealers at random.  Representing the 2010s and 2020s is the brand new Saddlebred model who made his debut through the Premier Club as Hamilton in 2019.  He wears a striking golden palomino coat for the occasion.  His special anniversary packaging discusses his creation and Breyer's achievements in the recent decades.

Because of the overwhelming requests we have had for these, we're limiting them to one per shipping address for the time being.  Thank you for adhering to that.


We will be ordering more throughout the year, but because Breyer is requiring retailers to order these as part of a blind assortment, we have to order 6 models to get one Saddlebred.  With the high demand for this model, we are not keeping a waiting list, nor are we notifying people when they arrive.  To be most fair, we're just posting them as we have them, and hope you will all get the opportunity to purchase one at some point.

We do have more on order from Breyer, so keep checking back to see when they become available!


Photo of box damage applies only to the "damaged box" option.  The "normal" ones are in the usual condition from Breyer.  Damaged box has tears in both bottom corners and minor bending of side panels.  Horse is fine.


Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #1825-Saddlebred