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This is an absolutely amazing, high-end set put together by Breyer.  The set includes Salinero in gorgeous, handpainted dapple grey, a porcelain-faced dressage rider wearing Grand Prix gear including top hat, dressage saddle, pad, and bridle, plus cooler blanket and gorgeous wooden tack box on wheels, along with a solid wood base with brass plaque reading "Dressage."  They're not even in a normal box - They come in a display case which has a faux leather exterior with plastic viewing window and lid that is held open with straps.  Horse, rider and accessories are held in the box with plastic-covered wire ties inside cutouts in their fabric-covered foam insert.  This set was very expensive when made and designated its owner an elite in the collecting community.  Only 500 were made, sold in 2008-2009. 

This incredibly beautiful and detailed set has some minor damage, so I recommend that if you purchase it, you send it off to Sue Kern Thompson, Sheryl Leisure, or another restoration artist for restoration.  With the set's value, it deserves it, and a respected restoration artist will help its value return to close to that of a Factory Mint set.  We're not sure how this damage happened, since it appears that everything is still factory attached in the case with their original wire ties:  The white shading layer on the horse has some tiny rubs on his shoulder and stifle area, and the wood base has a small chip.  The horse's paint job is absolutely stunning - He even has white lightning marks down his legs!  This is a set that should hold or increase in value over time if you have his paint professionally retouched.  We are always happy to ship your order straight to a restoration artist if you have made arrangements with one.  Simply enter his or her address as the shipping address... That will save you the extra postage of forwarding it once you receive it, and you'll get to see it for the first time all restored and in its glory.  Another great option would be to put it on Hold here at checkout, make arrangements with the artist of your choice, and then email us with their name and address to receive a shipping invoice to have it sent to them.

Asking prices on eBay right now (as of the writing of this listing) range from $900-$1500 for this set.  The discounted price reflects the damage to this set.

Out of box image is Breyer promo photo for the set, to better show all of the pieces included.  The set's viewing window is very shiny, so I apologize for the glare - It reflects everything!  In person, it's clear and beautiful, though!

Note: This is a heavy set in a large case, so shipping cost will reflect this size and weight.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1182

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