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San Domingo, Grey Appaloosa


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San Domingo became a grey blanket Appaloosa for only two years back in 1988 & 1989.  Done in the old-school manner, his blanket is unmasked, and his spots are splatter-spots.  This vintage look is one you won't find in today's models.

This fellow is in Very Good condition.  He has only one pinpoint rub on his left hind cannon and slight yellowing; however, he has some additional unusual issues: pinpoint tan specks all over, and the glossy black of his socks appears to have been painted on by hand (the edges can be seen) as opposed to the usual airbrushed edges.  I don't know whether this was done at the factory, making him a variation, or later.  The color and paint type seem consistent with factory paint, but it's harder to tell with black than with other colors, so I'm leaving it as an unknown.  He's priced accordingly.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #703