San Domingo ~ John Lyons' Bright Zip, Breyerfest 1994

San Domingo ~ John Lyons' Bright Zip, Breyerfest 1994


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Bright Zip was one of those horses that captivates people.  Had he lived in the 1950s, he'd have no doubt been a star of the silver screen.  He was made famous as the partner of John Lyons, the first of the modern touring trainers, who taught people a gentler way to train their horses.  In an interview with the "Appaloosa Journal" in 1996, John said, "Zip is my only horse, and I've learned one horse is a great number to have.  My relationship with him is as close to father-son as it can be."

Brigh Zip

At age 20, Zip suffered an allergic reaction to a medication and as a result, became blind in both eyes.  With their strong bond, Lyons and Zip continued touring and teaching.  Lyons said later that it appeared Zip assumed all horses go blind at age 20, meaning he took it in stride and seemed to harbor no disappointment about it.  In 1997, Zip was inducted into the Appaloosa Hall of Fame for his work as a breed ambassador.  Zip passed away in 2003.

Breyer made Zip their Celebration Model for Breyerfest 1994.  The chestnut Appy wears Zip's blaze, "Box Y" freeze brand, and alert expression.  Only 2250 were made.

This fellow is still attached in his box with Breyerfest ticket and 1994 box brochure


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #700794

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