San Domingo ~ Lightning-Wakinyan - Collectors Edition w/pamphlet


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This pretty pinto on the San Domingo mold has a very light palomino-colored body and a dark red chestnut mane and tail (unlike many that have black manes and tails).  He wears a red lightning bolt "warpaint" on his face.  This Collectors Edition had a very short release:  available for just six months, from July - December, 1997.

This fellow is Near Mint condition with a few black specks and the tiniest pinpoint rub on his right cheek.  He features a dark brown mane and tail, striped hooves, muzzle pinking, and of course, a well-painted lightning warpaint on his left cheek.  He comes with his bio-pamphlet.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #991