San Domingo ~ Pilgrim


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In the late 1990's, the book "The Horse Whisperer" took the world by storm, and was even made into a movie of the same name.  The story centers around and injured Quarter Horse named Pilgrim, played in the movie by famous equine actor High Tower.  This Breyer model of Pilgrim was made to commemorate the movie's release, and was only available in 1998 & 1999.

This fellow is Near Mint with a tiny speck of white paint on the back of his tail and some shiny spots in his finish.  The largest of the shiny spots has a waxy feel, as if a bit of dental wax used to keep a bit in place got smudged onto him.  Perhaps they'll clean off... They're only noticeable in the right light, anyway.  He features a beautifully smooth body with a subtly speckled paint job and subtle highlights.  He has a very matte finish, making him appear almost opaque.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #719