San Domingo ~ Vicki Wilson's Kentucky

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 It's great to see New Zealand represented with a horse owned by trainer Vicki Wilson who hails from NZ.  Vicki is known not only for her training skills, but also for using chiropractic and massage therapy to help sore horses.  She says, "There's no such thing as a  problem horse, just a horse that has a problem."  Her kind approach to training led her to The Road To The Horse (RTTH) training competition in 2017, where she won the event, paired with a bay Quarter Horse called Kentucky. 

 Vicki Wilson and Kentucky - photo credit Breyer
[Vicki Wilson and Kentucky - photo credit Breyer]


To see the immediate difference Vicki's chiropractic adjustments made in two horses at RTTH in 2017, here is one of the most impressive clinics I've ever watched:

Kentucky's portrait model is on the San Domingo mold.  We talked to Vicki about the portrait model and she says, "Kentucky is a very special horse to me and we are both honoured to have him made into a Breyer model...They have done a great job in replicating him, I am very happy with the likeness. The only difference is now he has been living very well in recent months and his tummy maybe a bit larger than the model!"  His portrait model was retired in 2020.


Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #1820