Scamper w/ Barrel - Original Release

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Scamper's story is a rags-to-riches tale of a horse who had a difficult start but won the love of a young lady and became her partner from beginning shows through National Championships.  Having been sold several times at auction because he was known to buck, Charmayne James' father picked him up to work cattle on their feedlot, but after Charmayne rode him, his destiny changed.  he bucked a little, she laughed, the horse looked at her, and she said she could just tell he'd never hurt her.  They began running barrels and he took to it so cheerfully her dad said it looked like he loved to scamper around the barrels... And the name stuck!  With Charmayne only 14 and Scamper aged 7, they leapt into the national rodeo circuit and wow'd crowds everywhere they went.  The horse had some physical challenges (which probably led to his early bucking habit), and was well-cared for with physical therapy and careful conditioning by Charmayne.  They even won a round during which his bridle broke!  He retired from racing at age 16 as a 10-Time World Champion, and because he was a gelding, you might think his story was over, but no.  he was cloned, and his son Clayton stands at stud.  Scamper lived an amazing 34 years. 


[The famous bridleless run at the world championships. Photo credit Kenneth Springer.] 


Breyer's portrait model was the first exciting action pose for the Classic scale and took the collecting world by storm when it was released in 1998.  It ran through 2008.

He is Factory Mint with gorgeous shading.  He comes with his original barrel, also in Factory Mint condition.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #477