Seabiscuit, Palomino - Sears SR


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The G1 Love Seabiscuit mold looks beautiful as a rich palomino.  He only wore this coat for the holidays in 1990 as part of Sears Stablemate Assortment II.  His mane is nearly body color with lighter highlights, and he has a bit of muzzle shading. 

This fellow is Near Mint with a thin, dull line down his right hindquarter and a couple of factory goobas in his finish.  He features body shading and a shaded mane and tail, and wears a satin finish.  He is one of the prettiest from this run, in our opinion, as many are more orange-colored or bright lemony yellow than palomino, making him one of the best examples of an already hard-to-find model!


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #495601