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Queen Elizabeth II was a lifelong horse lover.   She was riding her first Shetland pony, a chestnut named Peggy, by age 6. Through her life, she bred and raised many stellar thoroughbreds and Fell Ponies. Her favorite horse, though, was a lovely black Canadian-bred mare named Burmese.  Burmese was a gift from the Canadian Royal Mountain Police in 1969, and for 18 years was the Queen's beloved equine companion. Their bond is legendary.  When a would-be assassin shot six rounds of blanks at the Queen during her 60th birthday celebration as she rode with the Horse Guards during Trooping of the Color, Burmese understood the danger and tried to protect the queen. Not afraid of the shots, she nevertheless didn't know exactly where the threat was coming from, and when the Household Guards rode quickly in to surround the pair, Burmese struck out at them in protection of her beloved rider.  When Burmese retired in 1986, Queen Elizabeth never again rode in the parade, instead opting to take a carriage. Burmese passed away in 1990. The Queen unveiled a statue of herself riding Burmese at the Saskatchewan legislature in 2005, as a thank you to Canada for such a steadfast equine friend.

[Burmese with Queen Elizabeth II]


Breyer made a tribute model of Burmese the year she passed, using the Secretariat mold to represent her sporty build and stately elegance.   This special model was only sold in Europe, never in the US., and only around 500 were made.  Finding one today is nearly impossible.

This fellow is still attached in her original box!  The box is in rough shape, with the plastic front yellowing from ate and becoming brittle.  Several chips are already missing out of the top.  With it being so brittle, it's almost guaranteed more will crack and chip, but since there were only around 500 made over 30 years ago, how many boxes do you expect are still in existence?  This is a truly rare and special find!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #700435

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