Secretariat - Shrinky (sale for charity)

Secretariat - Shrinky (sale for charity)


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Ask anyone to name the world's most famous horse and the answer will most likely be Secretariat. His true story is still the stuff of legend. His astonishing 31-length victory in the Belmont Stakes, accomplished after winning the first two racing jewels in the Triple Crown, has yet to be repeated. In the Kentucky Derby, Secretariat set a speed record of 1:59 2/5, and he captured the Preakness Stake with ease, securing the Triple Crown win for 1973. Secretariat was the son of Bold Ruler out of Somethingroyal. Known as "Big Red", the large, beautifully conformed chestnut ran in the blue and white checkered colors of Meadow Stables. He made it on two "Athletes of the Century" lists for his accomplishments.  It has recently been discovered that the secret to Big Red's success was his remarkable way of running, which is more like a dog than a typical horse.  With his extremely flexible back and hindquarters, he could tuck and spring forward, resulting in two periods each stride where no feet were on the ground, as opposed to one, which is the norm.  He was truly a remarkable athlete!

Breyer's portrait mold was sculpted by the just-as-iconic Chris Hess for the Artist's Series.  It ran from 1987-1995 and then a newer version ran from 2003-2008 with a different release number, darker body color and more shading...  Truer to the real horse.

Secretariat at the 1973 Preakness
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This fellow is the original Artist's Series release. 

He is rated as Very Good condition with a couple of light scuffs on his back (only through the shading layer, not to plastic).  He doesn't have any rubs to plastic other than a couple tiny hoof edge ones!  He's marked down mainly for mild yellowing and bent legs - He may be a shrinky.   My recommendation is to sunbathe him for a few days to brighten him up, then use a warm hair dryer to straighten his legs.  He'll be handsome again, and if you keep him displayed where there's good air flow, he should be a cool little shrinky.  He does have a slight odor of smoke that may collect while he's wrapped here, but should dissipate when you sunbathe him. 

Due to his shrinky nature, we recommend only displaying him on open-air shelves.  Shrinkies will continue to slowly change over time - more slowly when they are out in the open with good air flow - and make fun conversation pieces.

This model was donated to our charity account for Harvest Hills Animal Shelter, and proceeds from its sale will help the shelter care for dogs and kitties in need.  Thanks for your support!


Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #435

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