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This is a limited re-issue of the popular equine heroine Sergeant Reckless, a little sorrel Mongolian Horse more credited with saving US Marine lives on the front lines during the Korean War.  Named Reckless by the troops, she was treated like one of them and received several awards for bravery.  When she retired, she was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant.  A life-sized statue at the National Museum of the Marines in Quantico, VA, now commemorates her achievements... and in may of 2018, a statue of Reckless was dedicated at Kentucky Horse Park.

What made this little mare so important?  Purchased from a stableboy at a Korean racetrack who needed money to buy an artificial leg for his sister, the 14-hand sorrel mare was fearless and friendly.  She was trained to be a pack horse bringing supplies to the front lines, including being taught to lie down if shots were fired near her, to make her a smaller target and keep her safe.  She was smart and took her job to heart, finding her way from the supply camp to the front lines and back without a handler... One day, she made 51 trips!  She was beloved by her unit, which allowed her to move freely through camp and shared their rations with her, and even allowed her to wander in and sleep in their tents with them.  After the war, she was brought with them to the US, where she was treated like the hero she was given a red and gold blanket that she wore at official events and carried her many awards.  When she officially retired from Marine duty in 1960, she was given free quarters and food for life in lieu of retirement pay.

Sergeant Reckless with the Marines[Photo:  Sgt Reckless with her unit in Korea.  The unit gained fame for their beloved equine by famously challenging Thoroughbred Native Dancer to a match race there, which they named the "Paddy Derby."  Native Dancer's owners never responded, but the American public did, and this attention helped secure Reckless a new home in the US after the war.]

Breyer's portrait model is made on the Galiceno mold, which maintains its horse proportions while being short in stature, like Reckless.  It bears her blaze and three socks.  She is a pretty, dark sorrel with highlights in her mane.  While this model had been released once before, this re-release, which still wears Reckless's special blanket and awards, also comes with 6 collectible trading cards.   Breyer's portrait of Sgt Reckless was retired in 2019.

 Note regarding Breyer promo photo (Photo of unboxed model):  This appears to be a re-used photo of the first release on this model with trading card images added to it, rather than a photo of the re-issue.  It is a brighter chestnut and shows a 3-D green lead attached to her blanket, while the re-issue's is painted on, and the newer model is a darker sorrel.  In-box photos are of actual models we received.

Final image is an article about Reckless from a newspaper in August, 2016.  [Not included with model - Shown here as part of this amazing horse's story.]

Straight from Breyer; still in her sealed box.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1493

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