Set of Five Oriental Feng Shui Horses

Set of Five Oriental Feng Shui Horses


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This is a beautiful example of Oriental Feng Shui horses.  In Japan and China, horses are considered symbols of good luck and success, and are incorporated into home and office decor to attract both.  According to Feng Shui, they should be placed in the Fame Area of your home, as well as in other places where you want good luck, but not in the bedroom, due to their strong male yang energy. 

This beautiful group are made of resin painted to look like red stone, a common practice.  The are approximately the size of Stablemates and are each in a slightly different pose, with a slightly different shade of paint, making this an incredibly beautiful set.

This set is Near Mint condition with a few tiny rubs to their paint.  We can't be sure all five originally came together, as sets were made in many different groupings, but these five arrived together and look great together, so we're selling them as one happy group!


Size:  approximately Stablemate size

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