Shagya Arabian ~ Starlight - Vintage Club

Shagya Arabian ~ Starlight - Vintage Club


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Starlight was the first Vintage Club release for 2020.  Hearkening back to Breyer's earliest Appaloosas, the Family Arabians, the new Shagya Arabian mold wears their grey Appaloosa coloring with dark splatter spots, mane and tail.    Only 500 were made.

He is Near Mint without a rub or mark seen!  He's marked down from Mint only for slight yellowing that you can correct with a couple days of sunbathing.  Has a slight odor from being in storage before arriving here.  He features lots of spots, soft muzzle pinking, and dark inner ear shading, all under a lovely glossy finish.

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712324

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