Shannondell ~ Markus - IN-STORE PURCHASES ONLY! (info page)


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This is an info page only - Price intentionally set at $999 because he cannot be sold online.


Billed as a Shire x Black Forest Horse cross, this is the first public release of the Shannondell model.  He is a handsome liver chestnut, a color he gets from his Black Forest parent, and wears a stripe and one sock.  He features a long, flowing mane and tail, and realistically shaded lower legs.


Breyer has specified that these are to be sold in-store only, no exceptions!  Because of this, we will only be taking reservations from folks who will be coming to Triple Mountain to pick them up.  If you would like to reserve yours for in-store pick-up, you must email Eleda at for reservation instructions.  We will not ship this model, so if you cannot come to pick up your model, please check for a dealer closer to your home.

As of 10/15, we have just two left!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1781