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Winchester was the mount and companion of Union Army General Phil Sheridan during the US Civil War.  It is said he stood three inches taller at the shoulder than Sheridan did in his boots.  Sheridan originally called him Rienzi, after the town where they began their partnership.  A stunning blackMorgan gelding from the Black Hawk line, Winchester was an unflinching mount for the last three years of that war.  He became one of the war's most famous participants, however, when Sheridan awoke one morning to find the Union Army in retreat after a sudden attack.  Fearing a much greater loss if the troops scattered, Sheridan mounted Rienzi and galloped through the retreating troops TOWARD the distant gunfire, a distance of many miles, waving his hat and calling out encouragement. 

The men rallied around him and his big black horse, and turned the tide of the battle.  It was such a momentous save that a poem "Sheridan's Ride" made them both stars.  Part of it reads: "Here is the steed that saved the day / By carrying Sheridan into the fight / From Winchester / twenty miles way!"    Following the battle, Sheridan began to call his horse Winchester after the town they awoke in that morning, and the name stuck with the public, although he still called him Rienzi personally.  After Winchester passed away in 1878, the famous horse was put on display in a NY museum.  When he was moved to the Smithsonian, where he resides today, it was with great fanfare, the playing of Civil War music, and a recital of the poem that ensured his fame.

Winchester (Rienzi)

[Gen Phil Sheridan with Winchester]


Although his feet are muddy in the photo above, Breyer beautifully captured Winchestere's three white socks and star.  Breyer's portrait model was only made in 2001-2002.

This fellow is Near Mint and marked down only for a tiny grey mark on the underside of his uplifted right front hoof, only visible if you look at him from underneath.  He features bright whites and a beautiful, smooth satin finish.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1133

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