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Shetland Pony Pair ~ Denim and Diamonds, 2013 Vintage Club


  • $16500

The Shetland mold was given special attention in this double release from the 2013 Vintage Collectors Club.  Named Denim and Diamonds, after the Breyerfest theme that year, this adorable pair sports highly coveted vintage decorator colors, along with the pinto patterns the mold wore in its inaugural release in 1960.  Denim's color is called Copenhagen; Diamonds is done in Gold Florentine.  This dynamic duo caused quite a stir in the collecting community with many pronouncing them the cutest models Breyer has come up with in ages.

This pair is Factory Mint and comes with all their extras.  The only flaw noted was a small fingerprint in  the gloss on Diamonds back, visible only on close inspection.  They both wear their blue ribbon stickers, and come with their CoA, velvet bag and original shipping box.  (If ship-to address label is on box, it will be blacked out or removed per seller's instruction.)  Only 500 of these guys were made, so you may not get another chance for a long time to add them to your herd... and possibly never again with their full list of accessories!  They won't be here long, so take them now!


Size:  Traditional

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