Shetland Pony, Palomino Pinto

Shetland Pony, Palomino Pinto


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The lovable Shetland Pony was made in this palomino pinto color from 1960-1973 (and once more in 1976).  She wears masked pinto markings, airbrushed socks and a bald face, with a glossy finish.

This little mare is in Excellent condition with a line of tiny rubs down her right gaskin, a few grey specks in her finish, a tiny area on her left belly with light wear marks (only through the finish) and a stripe on her left neck into her shoulder marking where the gloss-coat was removed, possibly by tape, at some point.  Eartip rubs and a couple tiny tail crest rubs as usual, along with a rub on her right hind foot.  She's a lovely butterscotch color with bright whites, given her age, so she displays nicely, even with her issues.  She features nostril shading that even becomes face shading on the right side, muzzle pinking and unglossed eyes.  USA mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #22

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