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Shetland Sheepdog, Red & White - Dog Agility Set (original version)


  • $2195

The playful Sheltie Dog, also sometimes called a Mini Collie is depicted running along happily in this mold. This pretty, shaded red and white girl with the white collar and striped face was only made for the original version of the Dog Agility Set in 2004-2006.  She differs from the later version by being a more red than gold, and having deeper red/brown shading rather than nearly-black shading.

She is in Excellent condition with a light rub on her eartip that doesn’t go all the way through the paint, a white speck on her left side, and a couple of pinpoint specks missing paint on top of her tail.  She features nicely hand-painted whites, beautifully shaded coloring, painted pads on her upturned foot, and satin finish for her colored areas to really show off that shading.


Size:  Companion Animal

Breyer Model #1504