Shire Gelding ~ Benelli - Matte - Breyerfest 2021

Shire Gelding ~ Benelli - Matte - Breyerfest 2021


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Benelli is a portrait of the gorgeous blue roan Clydesdale Stallion Benelli owned by Cheryl and Tony Hawkes.  Often used as a lead horse in their team, he is a standout for his unusual and lovely color.

[Benelli; photo courtesy Breyer]


This fellow is oh, so handsome!  He wears the white patches and speckling of his namesake, with beautiful shading, silver and purple ribbons, and muzzle pinking.  A matte version was available during Virtual Breyerfest 2020 to those who were really lucky with their timing, and then due to the difficulty in getting one and his popularity, Breyer thought quickly and made a glossy version available by preorder for ticket holders. Purchasers had to wait until December of that year to receive them.  Only 2675 glossies were made, and their value continues to climb.

This fellow is Near Mint without a mark or rub anywhere.  He's marked down from Mint only for slight yellowing, which you can correct with a few days of sunbathing.  He features a lovely, speckled coat, shaded mane, and neatly painted bobs and ribbons, along with shaded eartips.  he even comes with the bio panel from the back of his box.


Size:  Traditional

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