Show Jumping Warmblood, Bay with Gulastra Plume Custom by AM Schaer


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This neat fellow is done in a pretty rare horse color: bay with a gulastra plume tail.  Never heard of it?  A gulastra plume (named for the Arabian stallion Gulastra who threw a lot of babies with this feature) is a white tail or white stripe in the tail of an otherwise bay horse.  It only occurs in bays, and is different from silver bay in that horses with gulastra plumes still have black points, while silver bays do not.  The photo below, while not great, shows a dark bay Arabian sporting a gulastra plume tail.

Gulastra Plume


This fellow features beautiful shading and details, and with some tiny restoration, would probably photo show very well.  He's aged a little, so he needs his whites touched up, has a white mark on his knee, and really should have a satin or semi-gloss finish added.  He is super matte, and with a bit of roughness to his finish, he collects dust.  For live showing, you may want to update his paint job.  Still, he's quite handsome for display as-is, and a neat depiction of a bay with a gulastra plume.

He was painted in oils by AM Schaer in 2013 (unsigned).


Size:  Traditional