Show Jumping Warmblood ~ Ideal

Show Jumping Warmblood ~ Ideal


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Ideal did a great job living up to his name - Brought to the Unites States to help improve Warmblood breeding in America, he rose in the rank to become the number one sire of Premium Foal and high-scoring Premium Foals between 1986 and his death at age 31 in 2016.  In his maturity, he was rated a Four Star Stallion, and over 50% of his offspring were rated Premium, which is an amazing feat! 

[Ideal; photo source Breyer Model Horses]


Breyer honored Ideal with this portrait model which was available from 2004-2007.  It shows off his dapple grey coat as it lightened with maturity, striped hooves, and his brand.

This fellow is Near Mint with a tiny rub on his left knee with a few black specks around it, and tiny hoof edge rubs.  He's got a few grey fleabite specks all the way down into his socks.  He features really lovely dappling that blends well and a neatly transitioned two-tone tail.  He comes with his original base that has spiderweb crackling as most do, but it holds him well.  He is a handsome boy!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1200

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