Show Stock Horse - Best In Show American Quarter Horse


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One of Breyer's most realistic models, the Best In Show American Quarter Horse came from the factory with a mohair mane and tail, horse shoes, a base, and glass eyes.  This handsome fellow is a dun with a dorsal stripe, shading across his shoulders, leg barring, two hind socks, a show-banded mohair mane, and a wide blaze with blue eyes.  He was only made for two years, in 2008-2009.

This model is still attached in his original box.  The box's plastic front has yellowed over time, so we slid it off to take better photos of him for you, then closed him back up again. He is a handsome guy, with subtle shading, dark shading around his blaze at the muzzle, muzzle pinking, and a long mohair tail still factory wrapped.  His box's background is metallic blue with stars, making it a lovely display for him.  He comes with his original 2009 box brochure.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #903