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Silky Sullivan


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Nicknamed The California Comet, Silky Sullivan was a sorrel Thoroughbred famous for his come-from-behind racing style.  He was born on February 28, 1955.  Famous jockey Willie Shoemaker said of Silky Sullivan that you couldn't tell the horse how to race.  You just sat there and waited for him to make his move, and when he did, "then you hold on for dear life."  In one race, he was behind the leaders by 41 lengths, then ran the last quarter in 22 seconds, finishing with a win of three full lengths!  He was known to be extraordinarily smart, and a gentleman as well, letting children walk under his belly and sit on him bareback.  Silky Sullivan passed away in his sleep at age twenty-two and was buried at Golden Gate Fields (racetrack).

Silky Sullivan celebrating St Patrick's Day

[Silky Sullivan celebrating his birthday at the races on St. Patrick's Day, with his owner Kjell Qvale. Photo source: wikipedia]

Breyer honored Silky Sullivan with a portrait model sculpted by Maureen Love in 1976.  It was discontinued in his color in 1994.

This fellow is in Near Mint with just a pinpoint rub on his withers.  He is a very dark variation with one left front sock and a matte finish.


Size:  Stablemates

Breyer Model #5022