Silver Armor for Valor, the Silver Knight's Horse

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Marx horses are great vintage models, made beginning in the 1950s.  They are larger than Breyer at 1:6 scale, making them sought after not only by horse lovers but also by military model enthusiasts, who often require 1:6 scale horses to match their figures and accessories.

If your Valor is missing his armor, here's your chance to get him an original vintage set!  This set was only made from 1968-1972.  The armor appears to be intact and displays as Factory Mint, although a few of the strap keepers have splits, which are invisible except while tacking and untacking.  This is typical of these sets, many of which arrived from the factory to stores with some strap keepers already split.  It's a nice set, with a slight metallic sheen and lots of detailing in the sculpt, including a friendly dragon's head facing the horse's tail along his back. 

[Image of armor on grey horse is for size and fit reference only; Destiny horse is for sale separately with his own armor.]


Size: Approx 1:6 scale

Model #5391