Silver ~ Silver Filigree - Only 500 Made!


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Breyer's 2000 Treasure Hunt event was one to remember!  As if four gorgeous releases on the Silver mold weren't great enough, if you found and bought all four, you could send their UPCs in and receive a free Pegasus model!  But wait, with a touch of mischief, Breyer also tucked a very few special decorator colored Silver models into the regular treasure hunt boxes and sent them mixed in with dealers' orders.  Surprise!  When people started discovering them, it set off a collecting frenzy like we've never seen before in the hobby. 

When the dust settled, Breyer announced that only around 500 of this spectacular silver filigree version had been made.  It has become one of the most sought-after "retail release" models ever for serious collectors.  Their price continues to climb, but this is one model we're sure you'll never regret owning.  We were extraordinarily lucky to receive this one to offer to you!

This fellow is Factory Mint with pretty ear pinking and well-painted eye whites.   His gloss coat over the silver makes photographing him a challenge, because many of the dapples hide in the reflections, but he is evenly and spectacularly dappled with a smooth, beautiful glossy finish.  So handsome!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1193