Sleazy Sleepwear - Groovy Rainbow Blanket and Hood

Sleazy Sleepwear - Groovy Rainbow Blanket and Hood


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The popular real-horse brand Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses also made model-size blankets in some of their most popular patterns for a few years.  The fabric is lightweight and silky feeling, and they feature matching elastic rear leg straps for easy dressing and undressing of your favorite model. The matching hood is a separate piece that includes an elastic band to go behind the horse's front legs like a girth to hold it in place.  We don't know the years of production, but they've been retired for several years.

This one is Factory Mint with bright colors.

 [Horse not included.]


 Size:  Traditional - They are designed to fit "skin tight" and it was definitely tight on the PAS model... I wouldn't recommend it for models with large heads (unless you only want them to wear the blanket part.)

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