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The colt who survived a fractured skull went on to win the Kentucky Derby...  It's a story you'd expect from Hollywood, not Pennsylvania.  Smarty Jones was born on the same day as his owner's mother, whom she honored by giving him her childhood nickname.  A chestnut with a tiny star, Smarty hit his head on the starting gate while training, and fell to the ground unconscious.  His jockey thought he was dead, but the horse revived, and although x-rays revealed a fractured skull, he received attentive care and healed from his injury.  He went on to win his first 6 starts, earning a place in the Kentucky Derby.  He then won the Derby and the Preakness to cheering crowds, inspired by his ability to overcome such a terrible injury.  Being more of a sprinter than a distance horse, he was passed in the Belmont, but placed second, 8 lengths ahead of the Show horse.  He was retired following that race, with a record of 8 wins and 1 place in 9 starts.  He now stands at stud in Kentucky for half the year and in Uruguay for the other half.  He has produced winners across the world, including in the US, Panama and Japan.

Smarty Jones; photo credit Blood Horse
[Smarty Jones; photo credit Blood Horse]


Breyer honored Smarty Jones with a brand new portrait model in 2004.  The galloping mold includes Smarty's hind socks, near front coronet, and tiny star.  His base features his name.  The model was made much darker than the real horse, with beautiful sooty shading, and nearly black lower legs.  This release was retired in 20018.

This fellow is still attached in his original box.   The box is a little beat up, mainly on the sides.  His box is a real treasure, though:  Being one of the earliest made, it featured two typos, which wer corrected at Breyer by pasting a cut-out "Louisville" over the incorrect words on his bio card.  (See closeup image).  It is unknown how many were corrected in this way, or how many of those survive - most boxes show Louiseville printed correctly on the bio card, making this quite a find for the variation collector!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #586