Smarty Jones, Black Pinto - 70th Anniversary Chase Piece

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 Breyer's 70th Anniversary collection is themed as Breyer Through the Decades.  This is the chase piece, the rarest model in the assortment! 

The galloping Thoroughbred (usually called the Smarty Jones mold) wears a beautiful black pinto coat for this special release and comes in special packaging that describes his early releases and place in Breyer history.

There are five models in the 70th Anniversary Assortment, sent to dealers at random.  Four will come in probably about the same quantities, and a fifth (the black pinto on Smarty Jones) will be the chase piece, available in far fewer quantities.

Limit of one per shipping address.


Photo showing box damage only applies to the "damaged box" option.  All "normal" inventory has boxes in the usual condition from Breyer.  Damaged box has a torn top right corner and folding on both side panels.


Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #1825-Chase