Smarty Jones ~ Kimbia, Web Special


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The first in Breyer's Big Cat Series, Kimbia is a decorator painted to look like a cheetah.  Kimbia's body features subtle highlights, and the masking job required for this pattern is incredible!  "Breyer Big Cat Series Limited Edition" is printed on his belly.

They could only be purchased by Collectors' Club members by entering a web-only drawing.  Only 274 were produced.  This amazing paint job received rave reviews from collectors, and they rarely come up for sale, making Kimbia one of the hardest modern decorators to attain.  

This fellow is Factory Mint with the usual specks in his finish from all the mask-work needed for this pattern.  He comes with his original base.  He's an eye-catcher like no other, and is ready to be a crowning jewel in your collection!


 Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712099