Smoky ~ Sandman - 2022 Vintage Club w/Box

Smoky ~ Sandman - 2022 Vintage Club w/Box


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Sandman is a red dun pinto on the Smoky the Cow Horse mold, the first time this mold has been used in years!  This flighty fellow sports an airbrushed dorsal stripe and leg barring, along with a shaded mane and tail.  He was only available to members of the 2022 Vintage Club.  Only 750 were made.

This fellow is Factory Mint with intricate marking edges, lovely tail shading, soft leg bars and dorsal stripe, all under such a gorgeous, thick, glossy finish that he looks like porcelain!  He even comes with his original vintage-style photo hat box.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712428

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