Spanish Horse

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Hagen-Renaker's first brand-new horse sculpt in 13 years, this gorgeous Andalusian is one you'll be proud to take to a clinky show or simply show off in your collection!  He was sculpted by Kristina Lucas-Francis, who talked about him in our blog here. For you Breyer aficionados, he is between Little Bits and Classic Size, with a light grey coat with darker grey shading, including a shaded mane and tail.  As the first release on a new sculpt, all of his details show very well, including veining on his face. 

Shade may vary some, since these are individually hand-painted.  We were only able to get six in our first order, so if you want to be one of the first to get him, don't hesitate!


Size:  Approx. 4" tall

Model #4050

Made in the USA