Sport Horse ~ Patriot - Equine Affair SR 2000

Sport Horse ~ Patriot - Equine Affair SR 2000

Peter Stone

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Patriot is one of a small run hand-painted by Elaine Stone.  She only made a few before deciding the pattern was too much work, and cut it short.  They were sold at Equine Affair in Massachusetts in 2000, and came with a special white wood fence with the Equine Affair logo on it.  That makes him not only a gorgeous, patriotic decorator, but a special guy hand-painted by the co-owner of the company!

This fellow is Factory Mint with the usual hand-painted quirks, like a tiny speck of red paint in the white on his right foreleg and a little smudge of blue on his tail.  He is double signed by Peter Stone and Ginger Ryals, owner of The Ginger Horse, which we assume was the retailer assigned to sell them at the event.


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #:none assigned

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