Stablemates Mystery Horse Surprise Bags (Single Bags)

Stablemates Mystery Horse Surprise Bags (Single Bags)


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Breyer picked some neat colors and popular molds for this set of Mystery Horse Surprise blind bags.  Included in just one of every four full boxes at random is a special Copper Florentine treasure model! 

Each model is sold separately in its unopened blind bag, and even we won't know which one you're getting!  You can also order a full box of 24.


Included in this series of mystery models: 

  • Tennessee Walker - Grey
  • Reiner - Sorrel
  • Andalusian - Light Grey
  • Cantering Warmblood - Liver Chestnut
  • Rivet Mustang - Bay Pinto
  • Hanoverian - Black Pinto
  • Walking Friesian - Sorrel
  • Standing Friesian - Bay Appaloosa
  • Treasure Model in Gold Florentine (just 1 in 4 full boxes will come with one)


Size:  Stablemates

Breyer Model #6039