Standing Donkey (Knock-Off), Brown

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The Breyer Standing Donkey was copied bay a Hong Kong manufacturer, probably in the 1960s or '70s.  This version is slightly larger than the Breyer one (see last photo of him with some Breyer friends - not included... He is second from the left) and is made from a thinner plastic.  He is done in a deep bay with pretty highlights, four socks and an airbrushed bald face with muzzle pinking.

His paint job is really good for a knockoff.  He is in Excellent condition with a tiny rub on each side of his barrel, a group of pinpoint rubs on his right hindquarter, a few pinpoint ones elsewhere, and eartip rubs.  This is great for a knockoff, which generally have more fragile paint jobs and no clear finish to protect them.  He wears the Diamond Hong Kong mold mark with the number 669 under it.


Model #669

Size:  Very slightly larger than the Breyer Traditional Standing Donkey