Standing Stock Horse Foal, Bay

Standing Stock Horse Foal, Bay


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This release, called the Bay Quarter Horse Stock Foal at the time, depicts a handsome standing colt, ready for the halter ring.  This rich bay was one of the original releases on the mold, and was produced from 1983-1988.  Some wear four socks, some two, and all have solid faces.

This fellow is the two-sock version.  He is Near Mint with his only rub being the tiny one on his forehead.  He has a pinpoint speck on his left barrel, a tiny unpainted area along a seem between his hind legs,  and a smudge of body paint in his right hind sock, plus the usual overspray of that era.  He features bright whites and inner ear and muzzle shading.

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #228

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